We work to assist individuals in reaching their goals of healing and inner peace. We believe in person-centeredness, unconditional positive regard, and meeting each person where they are in their present circumstances. We work with individuals to fulfill personal goals one step at a time.

We assist in building healthy through the option of working with our Life Coach or Licensed Therapist.

We offer counseling for children and teen to assist in addressing the challenges faced in schools, homes and the community.

Group Counseling - Online Therapy

Please inquire to learn more.

We offer in person counseling. However, offering therapy that is accessible and during convenient hours to our client is a priority. That’s why telehealth is an option for everyone. We utilize a safe, secure, HIPAA compliant video conferencing, online chat, and audio counseling.

Life Coaching is a non-clinical approach to assist you in achieving your life’s goals. During this process you will gain perspective on your personal life, relationships, career and more. We will assist you in developing your life’s plans and working goals to achieve them.

Affordable Secure Live Online Chat Sessions

Salem Mental Health Associates offer online chat sessions that is a secure instant messaging for counseling. Connect with your therapist from your private client portal to access the live chat option and to ensure full security and privacy. All online chat sessions are stored in your admin records, and chat sessions are of unlimited use. Click HERE to book an appointment or call 336-341-5354 to learn more.

Our Substance Use Professional use evidence-based practices to assist in addressing addiction needs. SAP, MACC, LCAS Professionals.